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I understand
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15 days ago


I want to use the SMTP method to send mails via my Seblod form. Unfortunately I have the following error :

L'adresse d'expédition suivante a renvoyé une erreur : MAIL FROM command failed,, 255.27962:0A000000, 255.27962:0E000000, 255.31418:0A00B180, 0.35250:0A000000, 1.36674:0A000000, 1.61250:00000000, 1.45378:02000000, 1.44866:90000000, 1.36674:32000000, 1.61250:00000000, 1.45378:95000000, 1.44866:01000000,....

Do you know the reason for this error?

Thanks for your help!

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