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I understand
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1 month ago


Is there any example or manual where I can make Slider ( to work as filter on search list?
I have for each product price field and I want Slider to filter show only Articles within slider range based on this price field.

Thank you

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24 days ago
Level 1

Hello again.

So you buy solution in webpage and there is not any support for product and nobody from creators will try to solve this.

Also there isn't any usable documentation for product.

How nice is that SEBLOD team? You still want to keep users to your products?

Thank you in advance

23 days ago
Level 1


Thanks for purchasing the slider, and sorry for the delay.

So it seems that you wish to set up a feature similar to what you can see on our demo page, right?

We've just created a quick tutorial page, with some screenshots to show the setup.


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