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Hi Sebloders!

I have difficulties with my message form on site frontend. 


I use seb minima template with position override. ( mainbody) 



Name - text input 

Message text - textarea 

Interest - radio ( Some text = 1, Some text 2 = 2 etc. )

Email Field 1 

Email Field 2 



What i want to do: 

If user select first option ( value = 1 ) in radio button i want to use "Email Field 1", if user select second option - use "Email Field 2" ( value = 2 ).

I was trying to play with conditional states, but they dont work with heddin fields. 

Then I bought "Seblod Fields restriction plugin" but it does not do the job. 

So the question is how can i trigger different email fields depending on selection of other field ?

Thank for any suggestion

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8 years ago
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Why hide the field? Just put it in position HIDDEN or add some css markup to the field with {display:hidden}

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8 years ago
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Hi. Thank you for answer. So according to it i placed my "email" fields to hidden position. And than i set conditional states to make disable one field depending on selected option from other field. And it works. Great. WebOne.. you got + into your karma ))

My mistake was that i forgot about "disabled" flag in input that indicate that data from that input will be not submitted to server

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