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Viktor Iwan
5 years ago

Hello Guys,

This is a tutorial about anyone who never been in touch with LIVE Plugin in Seblod. And for those veteran, this also my share about the plugin i create to get any value you want in your Admin/Site Form or on your search form... really.. it's anything..(depend on how your PHP Skills and how you master joomla api)

If you no need to hear my 'bubbling' about Live Plugin, you can directly skip to 10 min 00 sec

Watch video on Youtube.com


Seblod's Live CCK - Dynamic Default

Github: https://github.com/ViktorIwan/DX-Dynamic-Default

How it work ?

  1. You need to create file with function(s) that you need to use
  2. You will registered the function and the path file in the configuration setting

That's all, with the function you build you can set return $value to anything you want! and it can be use for Site Form and for customize the Search Query for your list .. it's awesome isn't ?

Just if you feel some awesomeness after you install this plugin and you like to buy me coffee (or XBOX... or iPhone)... my paypal is victor@doxadigital.com

if you donate, poke me, i'll give you credit and virtual hug !

PS: this is first realease, it might contain bug, please test on your production server, discuss here, create pull request if you happen have new idea to make it more awesome !

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5 years ago
Level 1

Hi Victor,

Very usefull live pugin! Congratulations

I try it, it works very well.

Until now when i wanted to add custom code to complete a field like a live plugin do, i used the beforeRender code field.

But with a search&list the beforeRender code is executed after the query of the search. And there are no BeforeSearch code field...

So with your plugin i can have custom code to complete my search field before the query. It's Perfect!!

Thanks a lot

Just a detail:

In the code field the syntax for the relative path is:


and in your live plugin the relative path (File Custom Path) is:


Should be nice if you can modify that to have same convention (add /).

Thanks again,


Hope Seblod team include that in the core...

251 Posts
Viktor Iwan
5 years ago
Level 2

Yeah.. wohoo...this also makes me super excited !... 

Thanks for the correction....i'll make a revision in next few hours....

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