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10 months ago

Hello Experts,

In one of my forms I need the user name of the current user. The value is justed needed in the form and is not stored in the article.

For this I have created a text field and use the option "live value".

When I create a new article the field is filled as requested, but when I save the article and open it again the field is not filled.

I am using a superuser account, so it should not be a problem with any missing permissions.

Any ideas why this is not working?

As it should be a basic function to use "live values" also in edit mode, I don't think that it's a general error, or is it?

Thank you!


My form:

The field details:

The "live value" configruation:

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10 months ago
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I found the following in the documentary of the plugin "Url":

This is really bad. This makes no sense and why is this important information more or less hidden somewhere?

I am wondering if it makes sense to use Seblod for my project at all. The more I work with it, the more problems I am facing. 

You invest time and think everything is fine and than you have to deal with the next problem. 

Really frustrating ...

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We’ve all felt the frustration but you have to accept the concept and work with it or not.

For me the concept is Seblod is Octopoos’s tool.You can use it too.

Beyond that it is up to you really.

So for live values, there are workarounds, you either save the info, or do some stuff as I do in beforerender, create some php etc using a combo of seblod and joomla methods and classes

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