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I understand
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Pet Guardian
6 months ago

A couple of months or so ago I purchased A VIP membership.  I also purchased several extensions for SEBLOD.  I am trying to get help with some of the most basic features and so far I am not getting any help.  All that has happened so far is I get questions about basic Joomla stuff and told to turn off error reporting when I turned it on on purpose in an attempt to figure out why SEBLOD is not working properly for me.  Where are we supposed to post to get help with SEBLOD if we have a VIP membership?  Is the community forum the only place to get this help?

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6 months ago
Level 1

Membership gives you access to the paid extensions and apps and to support for those extensions, there is no general Seblod support included except if you have Premium membership that also includes 1 hour of support. If you have question regarding your purchased extensions or apps, there are special forums for each of them and you should ask your question there. 

If you have general Seblod questions, community forum is the right place for such questions, alternatively you can purchase dedicated support hours (under Sotre-Services)

44 Posts
Pet Guardian
6 months ago
Level 2

Thank you.  I thought that might be the case, but I wanted to make sure I was posting in the proper place.

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