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I understand
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2 years ago

Hi Seblod,

To make it easy for my customer to choose his category to save an item, I decided to use Dynamic Cascade. I read this topic where Klass say : "if your purpose is to store only last level category then only that select should have standard-article-catid as storage (the same storage as it is in article category field), otherwise selcts will be overwritting each other." 

If I let my 2nd field with storage Standard-Article-catid, the category is not saved in xx__content catid, but in a field created in xx__cck_form_myform and called catid.

What I have done is modify the storage to Standard-Free-catid with parameter on xx_content.

Is there any reason for that or did I miss something ?

BTW, it works now and items are correctly saved...

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2 years ago
Level 1

That happens sometimes, especially when you change storage, you need to delete the field and recreate (or fix it manually in the database).

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2 years ago
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Thanks Klas, I deleted my field and recreated one with Storage "Article -> Standard -> catid" and works that time.

Thank you for your help :)

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