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Google Translator help me:

Joomla! 4.3.4
Seblod 4.1.1
My form is an app from the 3 Series version
Work local in WAMP
PHP 8.0.26

I work in the menu with the category list. However, a category blog causes the same error.
If I publish a post with my form, everything is fine.
But if I create a second post using the same form, I get a boat trap error:

0 Joomla \ cms \ html \ Helpers \ boottrap :: start tabet (): return value must be of type string, none returned

In this forum it is corrected by the fact that Helix had something to do with it - but I don't use Helix.

What can I do?

The shape itself can be viewed in my old site:https://www.time4Joomla.de/ms-outlook/319-thtml

And are downloaded:https://www.time4mambo.de/download/seblod/app_cck_excel.zip

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Boat Trap = Bootstrap

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