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1 year ago

Hello everyone!

as in the title, I have a content type that "embrace" two different group, since I'm having trouble with the standard form I'm trying to build a custom one starting from seb_minima.
I'm able to call the field the classic

<?php echo $cck->renderField('name_of_the_field'); ?>
command but as far as I can see the value are not saved at all, this caught my eyes just when I was wandering why in the world I wasn't able to call the field in the custom content view... and I see now that the problem is bigger than what I think.

Or is it just a syntax problem?

Thank you!

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1 year ago
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So, I realized that there was a problem though I'd call it a bug.

I was not able to call that particular field but I was successful with all the others belonging to that group.
I don't know why.

I realized this only after rebuilding all the site and application from scratch and renaming the fields exactly like in the first site... the only difference was that this time, to avoid the problem, I just put everything into the same content type, no more group.

But... nothing, I wasn't able to call it!!!!

Maybe the name was too long? or what???
Not that it matters right now since I renamed it and it's working but I think it could be useful for others

the name was something like this


Too long maybe?

No idea.

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