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10 months ago

I want to build an application that works like this.  A primary user creates multiple tasks.  Each task has a number of options that go with it.   For example the task may be to wash the car.  The user (not primary) can log in, and see the task list assigned to them.  They can check a box to say completed, and upload a photo for evidence, they can say not completed, and give a brief reason why, and also they can rate the level of difficulty from a radio button on the task.

At the end of a set period (say 1 week) a report is generated on the results (tasks completed etc).
Each task has a positive number and negative number attached, positive for completed negative for not completed. and the report will offer a calculated total based on the numerical value per task.

Once that week is over, the task list is reset and it starts over, but historical data needs to be saved and kept.
I would also want to be able to add bonus tasks which offer additional points but no negative points.

Can Seblod help me create this type of application.  

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