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I'm completely new. I installed Seblod 3.21.4. I composed an user registration form. It woks from the admin side. It doesn't work from the front. After clicking on the "Button Save & Close" nothing is saved and I'm redirecting to the main page.

I spent 2 days checking everything. I have the test Seblod 3.19.0 environment where I haven't such troubles. I realized the main difference is in tag in the page source. On the 3.19.0 site the tag is "?option=com_cck" autocomplete="off" enctype="multipart/form-data" method="post" id="seblod_form" name="seblod_form">". In the 3.21.4 problematic site the tag is "" - without the option "option=com_cck".

Is it correct - action value in the tag without "?option="com_cck" ?

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