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I understand
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7 months ago


I have searched a lot in vain for a solution for the following:

"I accept the rules"   Yes / No; where "the rules" would be a link to another menu item and it is followed by yes/no checkboxes.

How can I make a link on a title? I have tried with a checkbox at option 2 "view" and selected menu item but I cannot get it to work.

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7 months ago
Level 1

Hi crank8x

you can do that:

  • Don't display the label of the radio field.
  • Add a Free Text field. In the wysiwyg you can write "I accept the <a href="#.." taget="_blank">rules<a>"
  • Add some CSS to display correctly the label (Free Text) and the radio itself.


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6 months ago
Level 2

Thank you! I'll try your suggestions.

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