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hi, I have 2 select dynamics, the first one called OBRA brings me a list of subcategories created by the current log in user and from a specific parent category, this one is ok, the second called ANUNCIO brings me an html text, now, I want ANUNCIO to bring me the text based on the value selected in OBRA, so OBRA can filter ANUNCIO

the query in each ares these

OBRA: SELECT title as text, id as value FROM #__categories WHERE created_user_id = $user->id AND parent_id=8

ANUNCIO: SELECT anuncio_en_comic as text, id as value FROM #__cck_store_form_nuevo_comic

I need to complete the query in ANUNCIO so it brings me the value based on OBRA, what they have in common is the subcategory id, so I want to see how to do this

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select dynamic cascade does that sort of thing  

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is there another way?

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Yes, you can display all results in second select dynamic, than filter them down based on first fields value using client side javascript, but you will have to implement that by yourself, you can see an example of such implementation in the location dropdowns (first 2 selects on the left) here https://belmondo.si

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