9 years ago

I made an seblod contact site form module and i want to see from which joomla article the form is filled in.

I tried to use field "Joomla! Article" and then i get it manually but i want it as an live value so no user interaction is needed.

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9 years ago
Level 1

Hi abc123,

you can add a hidden field in your contact form with the live value "variable" on it and set it's parameters :

  • type : int
  • variable : id

it will catch the id of the article.



9 years ago
Level 2

Thank you very much Lionel that works great.

If i add it to an field like text i get the article id but if i add it as live value to an "Joomla! Article" field then it shows the title instead which in this case is better.

9 years ago
Level 3

Only to clarify "Joomla! Article" field type is called "Article (Related)" when you choose.

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