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2 years ago

Hello experts,

I am trying to setup a "group x" field with images. For this I have created a new content type with a few text fields and an image field.

It is working as long as I just fill in the text fields, but when I also try to select an image an error message "1062 Duplicate entry '0' for key 'PRIMARY'" comes up after saving.

I am more or less sure that I am doing something wrong as I am a rookie regarding Joomla/Seblod. But what?

I have already read a few articles, e.g. Understanding the storage, and it was also mentioned that I have to use "custom" as the storage option. 

But there is not such an option:  ??

So I have to use something else, e.g. "standard". But this is not working.

Is it a bug, is it just a disabled option somewhere or am I completly on the wrong track?

Any ideas?

Thank you!


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2 years ago
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OK, as I said I am a rookie but it could be helpful if the documentation would be up to date ...

It looks like that "custom" is now "SEBLOD::syntax::". 

At least it is working also for images with this option now.

2 years ago
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Hi icke,

Only the wording as changed. " Custom" is now called "SEBLOD ::syntax::".

To create a Content Type as a Group, which will be called by a GroupX Field in a Main Content type:

Start with "Create blank":

This will set the object of the Content type as "None" :

Now, add all your fields in this Content Type with the Storage to " NONE", whatever the type of field.

In the Main Content Type

add a GroupX Field with setup below

  • Content Type: the previous one
  • Storage: SEBLOD ::syntax:: | Article | column_name[field_name]

for example 

SEBLOD ::syntax:: | Article | informations[general]


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