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I understand
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3 months ago

Hello Fellow Sebloders

So, I'm using J3.9.16 and Seblod Version 3.18.1

I notice I see an error because form contents are set to Registered (however, the Public is using this form) / because we don't want any form contents in the general Joomla search results.

See these screen shot of error -- note the form submits properly BUT because the public is NOT a registered user, he also sees this Error message

However it's odd that the error is displayed because in the Configuration for the Seblod Form I have set it like so:

How can I stop this error message from displaying?

re, Dano

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3 months ago
Level 1

Not offering help as do not know...

but does the form redirect to content view of form or somewhere else?

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3 months ago
Level 2

I set it to go to the home page, to see if that would correct the problem, but the error message still came up.

I think I could just set my own message in the "No Access" area ... I guess.

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