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I understand
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12 days ago

hi, I made a custom register form, that works as the edit form too, it works well, but, I want the user to see his/her own profile, so I want to link the content type, the view of this profile to a menu item, so the user can see it´s own profile, how do I link the content view to a menu item?

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9 days ago
Level 1

You need to activate user bridge for user to be able to see the profile

48 Posts
8 days ago
Level 2

it works great, now I have to solve 2 things

1-how do I make to apply this new way to show the profile to the users that were created before I did this change? for example, my own account as super user, I want this new view of the profile to be applied, but in my own profile, it shows the joomla view, in a new account it shows the new one, I want everyone to have it

2-it shows me a pager to another user account, how do I take this pager out of it?

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