6 years ago

Hello, I need to create a cataloge with three types of content. 

After initial registration the user get his own account, and then he can chouse an application to apply for a manufacturer, apply for a travel company or apply for an University. Every application has it's own fields, for example after appling Manufacturer, he become abble to create products, same way to the travel company and University.

My question is how to organize all this contents in correct way, I was thinking to create one content type for initial registration and three for others, but still dont understand how to associate all of them, 

thanks for any suggestions  

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6 years ago
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This can't be done by associating content types, after user applies (can be single form for all 3 ) you will need to add him to appopriate user groups. You need 3 user groups that each has create (and possibly edit.own) permission only for one of your 3 content types. 

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