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I understand
5 months ago


With SEBLOD 3.17.x we now have TWO fields in the content / config tab to override the seo title page 

Both fields names are "Override Page Title" with a different info 

"useful for custom input"

"useful for auto input (70)"

however I can't figure out what's this difference means. you canuse either of them and put here the alias of any field that will replace the page title.



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317 Posts
4 months ago
Level 1

I'm also struggelig with these fields. It only takes value, and not text from fields where that setup is used. Can't figure out how to select value or text from fields. And since this, I've not been able to use Joomla API to setTitle neither... so... :(

Anyone figured out some smart moves regarding setting page title with the new fields?

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