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Just a quick question involving the fpdf class.

I'd need to use it in the form but it's quite impossible to do it since the mere presence of another submit button alter the functionality of the seblod form making impossible to save the content and even overcoming this problem the fpdf class doesn't work if you have any other output before the function... so the idea was to send the values to another page and then, from there, print the pdf (I just need to fill some field in a complex pdf that I'd rather not recreate, that's why I'm using this class and not others) but, again, I cannot do this since I cannot add another submit button in the same page of the seblod form.

Does anybody knows some workaround?

Thank you!


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For anyone having the same problem, since I save the content of the form before creating the pdf i figured out that the key was the article id. So I just created a link to a popup window passing this variable (I used the get method in the link) into the new page and then from there lots of mysql query to get my data.
I know it's not the best solution but it works and that's just what I needed.

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Hi Eric, I see this topic is closed, but I would like to mention that you should consider trying Seblod Toolbox Component. It is exactly for this kind of process.  I am not a Seblod team member promoting the product here, but It is just so powerful, You will get the ability to just trigger your custom script where you have access to all your content type fields values, so you just include the fpdf class and design/export your PDF in minutes. I've done this for many projects



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Hello Michal!

thank you for your suggestion, I guess I will make something of it in the future since I'm always at the beginning of the learning process,


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