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CAF St Brieuc
4 years ago


I have a problem to add/modify ACL with the ACL button on the form & content type.

Only on a base seblod with 45 sites.

I check with seblod 3.2.12 / 3.13.0 and joomla 3.72 / 3.75

Php : 7.0.22

If somebody has an idea ...

Best regards

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4 years ago
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You need to enable Joomla error reporting so that you will see what is happening, blank page is not very informative.

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CAF St Brieuc
4 years ago
Level 2

Thanks Klass

I did that. And there, oh miracle! beautiful concrete errors, notice, warning and other depreciations ...
So I updated Joomla and Seblod and I had not updated my own plugins developed ... so this is what happens.
Good everything is back in order.

Best regards

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