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1 year ago

Hi Guys,

Do you know how to create the long articles to multipage if Seblod is installed on Joomla 3?

The Joomla core PageBreak JCE editor button and "Content - Page Break" plugin just not working properly, 

because the second and other pages are not reachable: "You do not have permission to read this resource..."

So, how can we use the pagebreak in an article in Seblod?

What is the best way to create a multipage article in Seblod?

If we have a long article in Joomla/Seblod, it is readable more easily, if we display it on more than one page, with a pagination.

So, what are your opinions, advices, guys?


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1 year ago
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OK, I was able to solve it with core Joomla way. 

I had just to create a hidden, direct menu link for the multipage article and use the Joomla core "page break" button in Joomla's backend, in the JCE editor.

But this is the Joomla way, not Seblod way.

The problem was that, from the category blog view, the core Joomla pagebreak plugin wasn't able to find a direct route to the multipage article pages, that were greater than 1.

It is working now, so I am not try to find other, Seblod solution to this problem.

But, what is the Seblod solution, what is Seblod's best practice to multipage articles?

Does anybody know it?

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