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I understand
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1 year ago


Sorry for my English, but here's my problem:

Before version 3.x of joomla, we could export the application files (screen.02.png).

In spite of the purchase of your component "Export", we have an error message "You are not allowed to access this file" (screen-03.png)

From the "Construction> Application Folders" menu.

The same problem is encountered by going through the menu "Seblod> export" where in this case, the message is "An error occurred" (screen-01.png).

Our goal is to be able to export our different forms and import them into other sites.

Thank you in advance for your answer !

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1 year ago
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Images are not visible, but this is most likely coming from some protection system like mod_security active on your hosting, try asking your hosting provider if they can assist you.

To export application you don't need exporter, you can just download application from application folder.

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1 year ago
Level 2

Thank you for your reply, but precisely, the download indicates a permission denied !?

While in earlier versions, this worked fine?

Is it a right that has changed? ... and if so, can you tell me the path of the file concerned?

Thank you for your reply.

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1 year ago
Level 3

Try selecting app and click on Clear ACL in App manager. If this does not help then restriction must be coming from your server - see my previous answer. What you can also check if all your folders have right permissions, especially tmp folder.

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