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Hi all,

I come across your extension just recently but already watched few tutorials on your site and youtube. However I'm missing out clear information if your component is compatible with standard joomla's extensions working on articles like for instance

Universal AJAX Live Search

or any other working with Articles ? 

Also on your main page you are stating " Drag & Drop Templating - Drag and drop your fields in order to set up professional layouts and list views such as Blogs, Charts, Maps, Tables.."

Can I have different looking articles  / different set of extra fields in article per category?

Last question is about site with modules only. This is something Joomla core is missing big time. I want to have site that contain modules only like top 10 of somthing, most popular this week modules etc. In core Joomla I can workaround this by installing component and rearranging one article but is your extension address this ?

Thanks in advance for answering my q. 


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8 years ago
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Hi Gonso, welcome!

I'm probably not the most competente person to welcome you aboard, but here's my five cents. :)

As far as I know the Universal AJAX Live Search you are referring to works - partially. You see, all the extra fields you create in the Seblod Content type is "outside" of where the Ajax search looks.

I've created a own search listing based upon my Seblod created content and did not need the Universal Ajax Live Search.

About different looking articles. Yes, you can setup as many different CONTENT TYPES you want to. It is the content types that creates the artciels. And of course, these content types can be built like you want. 

About creating a top 10 list, yes. It's easy. Setup a list & search type ordered descending by hits, and add a date filter on the search as well. 

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Hi Gonso,

Thanks Kenneth!

SEBLOD is compatible with the majority of Joomla content plugins and Joomla article modules. Just be care to not cut the introtext string (SEBLOD need to see all introtext string).

About the AJAX you're talking about it's mainly on Joomla search, when you use SEBLOD in 99% of case you will switch on SEBLOD search which is lot more advanced.


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