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I understand
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Wolfgang Claus
6 months ago

Hi there,

I try to install the seblod branch for Joomla 4, for testing purposes. Is there a way to install the seblod 4.0-dev branch on joomla 4? This is no installtion packet, but it just keeps the files in the installation tree under Joomla 4.

What I tried:

First I installed a Joomla 4. Then I started the installation of the latest Seblod 3.17.4 installation packet, which worked fine until at the end seblod was called. This caused an error.

After that, I fetched the seblod 4.0-Dev branch from github ( ) , unpacked it, and copied all modules, libraries, plugins and components over the installed 3.17.4 version of seblod.

Now my joomla runs again, but each call of seblod extensions causes some kind of error. For example   "JHtmlBootstrap::modal  not found"

Maybe this branch actually is not running without errors. But I guess, that I should install the branch not by first installing seblod 3.17.4 and then overwriting the old seblod files by new onces. 

So maybe someone can tell me how to install the branch correctly.

Thank you


Get a Book for SEBLOD
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6 months ago
Level 1

When Joomla itself is not out of the Alpha phase it is hard Seblod would be working perfectly with it. And to install you would need build tools to build package first, I think those are not in the repository.

I suggest you wait with testing until some test package is released.

47 Posts
Wolfgang Claus
6 months ago
Level 2

You re right, there are no build-packages in the repository. I just hoped, it would work, to install the seblod 3.17.4 and then update the files.

So I will wait. Thank you


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