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8 years ago
I am running Joomla 3.2.3 and Seblod 3.3.2.  I would like to use Smart Search however there seems to be conflict with Seblod.

On non-Seblod pages the predictive search works but hitting return won't take me the search results page (com_finder).

On pages built with Seblod nothing in the Smart Search module works.

When I disable the Content-SEBLOD plugin Smart Search works like normal.  Obviously that isn't a solution but does illustrate a conflict somewhere.

Is anyone else having trouble?

Open to ideas.  In other posts some of recommend using the Seblod search and list options however being new to Seblod (with a deadline) I am not sure how to build the search across multiple content types, filter the results and basically mimick the behavior I like in smart search. 

Direction on either would be helpful.


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8 years ago
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Depending on the project we use either the samrt search (FINDER) or Seblod search.

Finder works with seblod since finder works with articles and any seblod content is a joomla article. you can test it on (for example)
http://www.bsb.univ-paris3.fr/ or http://www.cadist-anglais.fr/ or http://www.dbu.univ-paris3.fr/ ( these 3 sites are actually a multi sites project with Seblod)

you only have to set up the smart search as any standard joomla projects and define for each content type what you index for the finder.
in each content type if you clic on the small orange arrow on the right side of the template tab you have a 'advanced search' dropdown list 

in this list you define which view is used to store the fields to index (intro or content). This way you can define what you want to index!

then, if you don't forget to enable the indexer plugin you can go to the smart search component, re index (if necessary) and define filters you set in the smart search module.

don't forget to create a smart search menu item (again, we love this clumsy menu items, thank you Joomla!) in order to make the smart search work.

However there is a major issue discussed here

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8 years ago
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Thanks for the reply and help.  I have Smart Search kind of working. The predictive part isn't displaying and I have to display a submit button to get the search request passed. (The keyboard enter button isn't submitting it.) There is a conflict somewhere in the design.

The design requires multiple search methods and I am not sure how best to approach it.

I can see where I need a search list type also.  Just not sure how to build it right now. Again, I am searching across multiple content types and fields but the search form requirement calls for check box options. It's a travel site, so I want visitors to check off desired attributes such as locations, price range options, activity, etc.

Originally I spec'd a Joomla 3rd part extension called "Custom Properties" where you manually assign properties to each article with the extension. This does want I want on the user side but is labor intensive for admin given there are about 1000 articles to work with and trips changing all the time.

As another method of searching, I installed the Search Generic plugin which is great but it's not working across multiple content types and unique fields within those types. I have separate post on that topic here.

Thanks again for any direction you can provide.


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