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6 years ago

I have some questions about the map template or the places app.  not sure what the difference is but in both cases I think I'm looking for some more funtionality.

1) can either have different categories of locations, where the category would determine the map icon type.  All I see are examples showing one icon style for all points.

2) What about map clustering?  Is this feature possible.

3) What about having a lot of datapoints.  My project will start with 10k locations US, but will eventually be 150k international.  In most cases we would start with a single country display or in US a state display.  Can this many locations be accommodated?

Thank you!  would really like to use Seblod as the app toolkit for a for a number of content types on this project but just need to know if it is capable before I start.


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6 years ago
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Hi lownotes,

Thank you for your message and interest in the Map template and/or Places app.
Here are a few inputs that could help.

The Places app is a ready-to-use package which includes the Map template, a Content Type, various Lists/Managers, a set of fields already created, and a few plug-ins from our marketplace.

Of course you can build and set up from scratch the same functionalities with the standalone Map template, if you prefer.

About your questions (which applies for both products):
1) Yes, you can. The template comes with an option called dynamic icon, which will enable one position to let you set an icon for each item.
(we'll add a new demo to showcase this capability)

2) This has currently not been implemented in the Map template. We have worked with clusters on another template, but we still need to merge/complete/test these capabilities. (if you need this feature ASAP for your project, please contact us directly, using the contact form)

3) We've just improved the Map template, and this upcoming version is gonna support the "Infinite Pagination" introduced in SEBLOD 3.6.0
In addition, a new behaviour called "Load" (vs "Click" since 3.6.0) will be available in the upcoming SEBLOD 3.8.0 to allow the Map template (or any other template with Infinite Pagination support) to load "a lot" of entries. This should be published by the end of the month.
(we'll add a new demo to showcase this one, as well)


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