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Hi community and devs.
What a pleasure to use seblod in my projects!
I use menu item ( Seblod - List and Search )  to show my articles and customized seb_list template for that and i dont show seach form.
I try to keep my code as clean as possible, but in source i got:
<script type="text/javascript">
JCck.Core.submit = function(task) { Joomla.submitform("search", document.getElementById("seblod_form")); }
<form enctype="multipart/form-data" action="/woodandplanet/info/articles.html" method="get" id="seblod_form" name="seblod_form"><div class="cck_page_search"></div>
<div class="clr"></div>
<input type="hidden" name="search" value="articles">
<input type="hidden" name="task" value="search">
Is it any way to remove these lines from source?
Tnx in advance!

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9 years ago
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No the function core.submit allow to submit the form when a user click on the submit button. Don't forget that a lot of condition or calculation rule can be included in your form and this code is require.

If you don't need this code, I think you don't need SEBLOD.


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9 years ago
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Hi Bes.

Thanks for the reply.
I understand the purpose of these lines.
But if I need to output a simple list of records without a search form, or even any additional options and features, just a pure list it will be nice feature.

If you don't need this code, I think you don't need SEBLOD. - that not good think. I need this code, but not in this situation.

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Sorry Jeka, I don't take the time to see that it's you ;-)

You have a button to say this answer solve the topic on this new forum. You don't need no more to put "solved" in the topic. See this magic button.


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