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11 days ago

Hi there,

I have a slight issue in that I would like to use the manual ordering option for articles added to a SEBLOD List & Search page, but find that when doing so, new articles are added first in the list, by default (or position 0).

In my case, this is troublesome because I need at least one article to always appear first - and other users adding new content can be thrown by this.

A little while back, Joomla added an additional option for 'Reverse Ordering' to the article options (this can be seen under CONTENT > ARTICLES > OPTIONS > SHARED > ARTICLE ORDER :: ORDERING REVERSE), which meant that newly added articles would be added last in a list while still respecting the manually specified order. There is mention of this in Joomla's issue tracker back in 2016 over here:

This facility doesn't appear to be present in SEBLOD's List & Search type options ('Use Global' and 'Ordering' are both present, but no 'Reverse Ordering').

Is this something that could be added into SEBLOD at some stage?

Thanks in advance for any consideration, and thanks as always for the terrific software.

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