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I understand
27 days ago


There is a strange behavior on the SEBLOD breadcrumb if you configure it on the "menu item" rule and if you override the seo TITLE tag in content type.

Please try the following:

1-in the ARTICLE content type add a text field (AR_art_seo_title for example) in the admin form and in the content view. 

2-in the content view config override the PAGE title with the AR_art_seo_title field

3- create some articles in a given category (mycat) and fill the AR_art_seo_title field of these articles

4-create a blog menu item on this category. let's name this menu item 'mymenu'

5-display this menu item on the front

6-click on one of the articles to enter the content page (detail page)

7- the breadcrumb will display  home > mymenu > [value of the seo title tag instead of the title of the article]

The breadcrumb doesn't display the actual title of the article but the seo title ????

Any clue why?



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27 days ago
Level 1

I must add that overriding the PAGE TITLE actually override the ARTICLE TITLE also. 

I had to hide the article title display in the global configuration and add the ART_TITLE field in the content view to display the right article title

It seems that SEBLOD overrides the article title in the content view knowing that Joomla will take this data for the page title. Unfortunately it confuses the breadcrumb



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27 days ago
Level 2

Hi Cyril

No solution  offered but I wonder if this happens to any content type of the article object


Just with the default Article content type that comes with Seblod.

I found with the user object I have less “conflict” if I create a content type rather than use default user.... 

26 days ago
Level 3


yes I was using a custom content type, not the original article type

This is an issue that is not new at all


25 days ago
Level 1


Should I open an issue for this please ? Can someone confirm it ?



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