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I understand
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2 years ago


I would like to share with you a strange behavior that I noticed this week ...

I need to configure the variable in List & Search -> Tab "Search form" -> N°2 -> "Live" and "Live value"

When I try to edit the field "Live value" and my server is on PHP 7.0.21, the modal is blank

I then increased "max_file_upload" to 50 and "max_input_vars" to 3000 as recommended, but the modal still stayed blank

I then increased "memory-limit" up to 512M, but it still didn't do the thing... 

When i change my PHP to 5.6.33, the modal is then OK.

I found that behaviour a bit weird and wanted to share it with you, maybe could you have an advice about that ?

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2 years ago
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I use php 7 and I have never experienced this. Error log on the sever should tell you more about the actual error, could be server misconfiguration or some limit.

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