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Hi all,

I am still quite new to Seblod but think I am managing quite well now, and it is fairly intuitive so should suit my needs fine. I do have a couple of requirements which I am still working on, I believe I know the solution but would like advice before spending money on the plugins (to make sure they suit my requirements).
I have the following setup:
2x content types:-
- Item Type
- Comments type

One List and Search for item assigned, and comments L&S are loaded via Joomla Module/Seblod list/search module respectively.

I have configured my comments type to record id of item (lets call it parent-id) and in my comment L&S output comment will catch id of current item and display comments as expected. This works great.

I want to extend this however and include an email subscription to comment service which the user can click a checkbox and they will receive follow ups based on if any user replies. This should work fine with conditional states, and I plan to have a hidden email field which acts as the trigger, which is toggled by conditional state (checkbox) and takes email value from the email field user enters.

My issue here is is for such a service I want to customize the email template:
"Dear user,

A new comment has been added to $cck->getValue('art_title_parent_item'). you can access the item here:

The problem here is that $cck->getValue cannot get the item title, because, it is different for my comments type. I believe I need to purchase SQL Search Query pack:

Would this product suit my needs? I don't want to purchase it, only to find I will be unable to catch the resulting output and include it in my email template. If this solution would not work is there any other you could recommend?

For a visual idea of this problem see below: http://imgur.com/a/5AWEx

For those interested I plan to make a kind of classified ads site. So user posts add -> Auto subscribe to the comments, user(s) posts reply, everyone receives an update :)

Best regards,


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search query is for search query modification, you need this plugin


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Cheers Klas,

Managed to get this functionality working instead using AfterStore/joomla sendMail API!

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