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3 years ago

Hello folks,

i tried to use the importer with the following Data 

540005120;540005120;A001-K21 hebro¶©HB-200 540005120.DE.DE.pdf 540006201;540006201;XA002-K30 Allpanol 540006201.DE.DE.pdf 540007201;540007201;XA003-K30 hebro¶©nol DR 540007201.DE.DE.pdf 540008120;540008120;A004-K21 hebro¶©HB-400 D 540008120.DE.DE.pdf 540009174;540009174;XA005-K60 hebro¶©HB-300 RH 540009174.DE.DE.pdf 540010120;540010120;A006-K21 hebro¶©Ç?koClean Turbo 540010120.DE.DE.pdf 540011120;540011120;A027-K21 hebro¶©HB-200 WT 540011120.DE.DE.pdf 540012120;540012120;A031-K21 hebro¶©lan 79-124 540012120.DE.DE.pdf 540013201;540013201;A036-K30 hebro¶©nol AR 540013201.DE.DE.pdf

and it does not work as expected 

The database has the files with introtext in all cases like that 

::cck::737::/cck::::introtext::A001-K21 hebro¶©HB-200 540005120.DE.DE.pdf::/introtext::::introtext::A001-K21 hebro¶©HB-200 540005120.DE.DE.pdf::/introtext:: 

which is clearly the entry of the first item + a second time something that is not the second item 

Am i doing something wrong or is this a bug ?

If i do something wrong, please let me know what 

wbr Rolf Jentsch

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3 years ago
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Hi rjentsch

We would suggest to create a custom field (with a Standard storage) instead of using the introtext (custom syntax) one.
Create you "my_text" field and use "my_text" within your CSV file.

We may try to test/fix the Importer behaviour with the "introtext" column, but it's really been a while (many many years!) that we don't use the "introtext" to store custom values/fields. No benefits doing it.

Standard or JSON is the way to go for all your custom data.


3 years ago
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it seems to be the same issue I reported on https://github.com/Octopoos/SEBLOD/issues/613


3 years ago
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Hi Saba

I can understand not storing custom values in the introtext but the issue I sent on the github is something else: the import duplicates the first record in all the introtext.

we are not storing custom values in the introtext but only using it to wrte content as any joomla site would do. 

please check https://github.com/Octopoos/SEBLOD/issues/613



3 years ago
Level 2


it has been fixed with the latest import plugin

thanks to the seblod team

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