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I understand
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8 months ago

Hello folks,

i tried to use the importer with the following Data 

540005120;540005120;A001-K21 hebro¶©HB-200 540005120.DE.DE.pdf 540006201;540006201;XA002-K30 Allpanol 540006201.DE.DE.pdf 540007201;540007201;XA003-K30 hebro¶©nol DR 540007201.DE.DE.pdf 540008120;540008120;A004-K21 hebro¶©HB-400 D 540008120.DE.DE.pdf 540009174;540009174;XA005-K60 hebro¶©HB-300 RH 540009174.DE.DE.pdf 540010120;540010120;A006-K21 hebro¶©Ç?koClean Turbo 540010120.DE.DE.pdf 540011120;540011120;A027-K21 hebro¶©HB-200 WT 540011120.DE.DE.pdf 540012120;540012120;A031-K21 hebro¶©lan 79-124 540012120.DE.DE.pdf 540013201;540013201;A036-K30 hebro¶©nol AR 540013201.DE.DE.pdf

and it does not work as expected 

The database has the files with introtext in all cases like that 

::cck::737::/cck::::introtext::A001-K21 hebro¶©HB-200 540005120.DE.DE.pdf::/introtext::::introtext::A001-K21 hebro¶©HB-200 540005120.DE.DE.pdf::/introtext:: 

which is clearly the entry of the first item + a second time something that is not the second item 

Am i doing something wrong or is this a bug ?

If i do something wrong, please let me know what 

wbr Rolf Jentsch

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24 days ago
Level 1

Hi rjentsch

We would suggest to create a custom field (with a Standard storage) instead of using the introtext (custom syntax) one.
Create you "my_text" field and use "my_text" within your CSV file.

We may try to test/fix the Importer behaviour with the "introtext" column, but it's really been a while (many many years!) that we don't use the "introtext" to store custom values/fields. No benefits doing it.

Standard or JSON is the way to go for all your custom data.


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