7 years ago

Hello everyone, especially from Octopoos!

Thank you for making this awesome forum.

I have two suggestions about:

  • Post readability (paragraph margins)
  • session timeouts

The posts most of the time look like a huge single blob of text,
every line at the same distance from the other.
I suggest to change the css to:

div.thread-seblod div.cck_value.cck_value_redactor,
div.thread-seblod div.cck_value.cck_value_redactor p {
margin: 0 0 10px;
line-height: 20px;

Then we can make line breaks with shift-enter and new paragraphs with just the enter key.
That will make posts readable better and all can have a clear overview.

Sometimes it takes time to write a question or answer,
if you want to make it properly and not waste others' time.

Problem: Once you take too long and hit "Submit",
the time is already up and you are no longer logged in.
>> All the nice work we have taken so much time for, is LOST :(

Please raise the time to at least one hour.

Thanks a lot

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7 years ago
Level 1

Thanks for taking the time to give this feedback Viktor - I will talk about this with the team and see which improvements we can make on these matters.


7 years ago
Level 2

Hi James,
have there been any opinions expressed, yet?

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7 years ago
Level 1

Hi Viktor,

The team is working on a list of things to improve usability on the forums. With project work being demanding recently it takes some time. But your feedback has definitely been noted! Thanks

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