10 years ago
Hello all, I just started to explore what is possible in the back-end through the tutorials. Really amazing and so much more simple then other cck's. From a developing point of view, I have a simple template with nothing extra's, if needed I just add it later. The only thing I have is SEBLOD.

I setup a site with user groups like this:
  • clients based (submission/view)
  • registered based (view)
  • admin based (control)
I added fields, for example: amount, sector, etc to articles form. But they need to be searchable (links) to, is this possible?
I need to have 1 parts of the article visible to a clients group, 1 part to a registered group, etc.
Do I need to do that with extra fields, or is there another way?
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10 years ago
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Hi.For search on these fields you have to create search type with your fields. Than in your content type on content or intro view under button 2 you can set link to search type.To configurate permissions go to your content type on intro or content view and under button 4 you will see access setting of every field.
10 years ago
Level 2
For search on these fields you have to create search type with your fields
What exactly do you mean by that? The rest of what you said made sense and i did that. But in the front end they do not appear to be a link?
If I go to 'List & Search Type', choose views 'item' I see I can add my field. Then I go to button 2 and I can set this field to 'List and Search', then I click the plus but have to choose a menu??? I could need some help here please...
10 years ago
Level 4
So if I understand correctly in:
Form & Content Types I need to create a text field 'company' for the article submission form;
Then in List & Search Types I need to add this 'company' field.
But I get confused why I need to pick a menu... Can i not just click on the text which was entered in this field upon submission?
10 years ago
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really people, someone must know how to make the value for a submitted text field linking to articles which have the same value in there fields.... I already spent hours watching video's, reading articles, and writing/replying topics. Yet nobody knows???? With all respect, but the only respons I get is: to see video's... but someone must already passed this station!
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10 years ago
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Thanks zwergo!
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