8 months ago


Naturally Seblod 4 can be used with any template framework. For years we have been using WARP then YouTHEME and then JoomShaper Helix Ultimate template frameworks for our seblod3 projects.

However all these templates share many issues such as :

* they are very heavy which causes many problems for SEO and performances

* they load and reload front end librairies that are conflicting or redundent with the seblod native front end components

Switching to Joomla4/seblod 4 I would try to get rid of all these heavy templates frameworks and write our own template for these seblod4 powered projects.

However since Seblod4 comes with front end parts what would you recommend as for the choice of librairies to be used in the front end ?

bootstrap ? UIkit ? others ?

thanks for sharing

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