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I understand
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CAF St Brieuc
2 years ago

Hello Everybody

In a multisite I want to change the text of "COM_USERS EMAIL PASSWORD_RESET BODY", no problem I do that in the substitution language.

The original text is : "Hello,\n\nA request has been made to reset your %s account password. To reset your password, you will need to submit this verification code in order to verify that the request was legitimate.\n\nThe verification code is %s\n\nSelect the URL below and proceed with resetting your password.\n\n %s \n\nThank you."

But : The 1st% s is the name of the site installation, but not the name of the site I am actually on. If I remove this first% s, necessarily it shifts the rest of the message and I have the site name instead of the verification code and the verification code instead of the url. ... 

Does anyone have a small solution or idea ?

The best solution for me being to have the name of the site on which I request the reset ;).

Best regards

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83 Posts
CAF St Brieuc
2 years ago
Level 1


While waiting for another solution, I have override the file reset.php
By putting it in template \ code \ com_users \ models \ reset.php
It may be simpler ... or not!

Best regards

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2 years ago
Level 2

Seems like a reasonable solution

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