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In "list and search type", the "search" button does not work. 

Let me explain: I put in this form a dynamic selection list (variation by default) and a search button. Unfortunately, the button does not work and gives this alert: "The last request was denied because it contained an invalid security marker. Refresh the page and try again." 

A configuration problem? Thank you for your help. laurent

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1 year ago
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Hi Laurent,

If I understant correctly, you have a select and a submit button in a search form that should trigger the search and filter your list. Can you confirm?

Is it the only form you have on the page ?

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1 year ago
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Hi Olivier, 

That's it but I realized that the "search" button was not necessary since the variant of my list is set to "filter"......And it works. Thank you very much for your answer!! 


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