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Strange thing in my parent-child-list.

In the child-list I've implemented drag/drop-re-ordering.

Strange thing is that re-ordering only works for the 1st parent-occurrence.

drag/drop-reordering on children of 2nd and other parent-occurrences fails, i.e. front-end seems fine, but re-order results are not saved in backend...

Any ideas are welcome

PS i've read the fora and this thread https://www.seblod.com/resources/tutorials/adding-drag-and-drop-ordering-functionality-to-your-front-end-managers

and double checked my settings exactly as prescribed...

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I presume code is not made for such list-inlist layout.. usually it it relatively easy like all list items on the page have the same id

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Thanks Klas for the response,

Indeed seems like code is not made for this (yet). See my image of x-debug showing ordering stops after the first child-list (array contains NULL for all other list-items....

Well I'll go back to the drawing board since this feature is essential for my application. As far as I can think of a solution it will be something like a re-order button which will show a popup containing a list only showing the child-list with re-order-capabillity...

Any other ideas are welcome.

Thanks again for the good work (:-


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