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I need help with a special module.

I have an article formate but i need the module to show in home. 

The structure of the module is the following 

Title (linked to the article) 

Subtext: (special text field) 

Image ( i need put the same image but with no effect) 

Intro text 

Read more to article ( I need only registered users can see the article

On the same module the article is the same but no image. 

How can i do this? . Many thanks.

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Hi Hertak,

You can create a List / Search type, and make it only show 1 item

  1. Create your list and search type
  2. Add the "Article ID" field to the search form and set the live value to the ID of the article you want to show
  3. Use the seb_list template as your list template and in the Template options, set the Display Mode to Advanced
  4. Use the Seb_minima template now for the Item view and add your fields.
  5. Create a SEBLOD list module and select your search / list type
  6. This will now show your article.



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Many thanks i will try. 

On the pother hand on mail that infor me a reply the link to category and reply are wrong 

Category send me to http://%203sxq.mjt.lu/link/3sxq/n4j6j1xq8tl/3/G6turrru6zBiKHqLeU8_NQ/aHR0cDovL3d3dy5zZWJsb2QuY29tL2NvbW11bml0eS9mb3J1bXMvbGlzdHMtc2VhcmNoLXR5cGVz

And replay send me to http://www.seblod.com/community/forums/lists-search-types/%20%20module-list#post25850


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