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Hi all, again. This question is strictly rleated to the question I made some minutes ago, but I think the issue is different and it's better to hold the questions separates.

In our site I've got 2 search / list blocks in which I actually show 2 articles in the first block (let's say A) and 6 articles in the block B. Because the queries inside the blocks are the same and just the results are showed in a different way, I'd like to add, for the block B, an offset to "jump" the first 2 articles already presents in the block A.

I also thought to select, in the block B, a total of 8 items and then "hide" with code the firsts 2 articles directly in the template but seeing how complex and full of features is Seblog, I'm sure I just cannot find the right way to do it.

Thanks a lot!

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7 years ago
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Anyone know how to solve this?

I'm running into a same case.

I want to create a list that shows 3 artiles full width of the site, running a own template.

Under there I want articles from the same category, but two for each row. These of course need to start from article 4 in the categories to not show duplicates. 


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