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8 years ago

I've just configured a Search View that should be able to list all the contents from specific categories and subcategories but, even if a lot of articles appears in a category I chose, just few articles are showed up.

The 2 starting articles were created by a different user, indeed we notice that changing the user to that one, the articles were magically appearing. But then we also discover that moving back the article to the old owner, the articles were continuing appear in Seblod Search.

What can be the issue?

Do you know if is there any "caching" or way to "reindex" the content of Joomla! into Seblod?

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8 years ago
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in the configuration of your search you can turn on the Seblod debugger. It will display the database request before the search form.

So you will be able to understand what happen.

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