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I understand
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20 days ago

Hi Everyone!

In the Search Form of a Search & List Type, I need to perform a second "sub" search from another content type to set a text value in the Main Search Form.  Currently the Sub search is set up with filters on radio buttons so the user can simply select the radio buttons and the values are returned.  When they select a value from the list, it should be returned to the main form.

Ideally I would like a modal form to pop up with the sub search and the user can select the information and return the value similar to this post:

Popup Search List in Forms ?

I am able to open my Search Form in a Modal window but as soon as one of the radio buttons are clicked, the modal disappears and the sub search has been navigated to.

So my questions: Is it possible to perform a List and Search Type in a modal window?

If so, does anyone know if there is a way to force a modal window to stay open and only close when a value in a list is clicked?  


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13 days ago
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what you using for modal? bootstrap 3 etc?

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11 days ago
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Hey Jon!

Thanks for your help.

I am using the Protostar template for development so just the standard version.

This is how I am calling the modal from a freetext field:

<a href="/community/forums/lists-search-types?search=coder_finder&task=no&tmpl=component" rel="{handler: 'iframe', size: {x: 400, y:300}}" data-dismiss="modal">Coder Search</a>

I have also tried to create a module for my search type and place it in the modal section of the Seb_one template.

I think I need to define some settings on how the modal should work like a dialog box.  

Just seems like everything I try wont work.

So any ideas would be great. 



10 days ago
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ItemX do that, contact support.

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