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I understand
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25 days ago

Hi, in Joomla native menu items, there is an option in the menu item (list articles in a category) to show or hide the article title in the article view.

Using Seblod list menu item, I cannot find the equivalent option, so to hide the title I should hide article title in joomla global configuration so to hide also for non Seblod (native Joomla article): is it like that or am I missing the option?

cheers and thanks


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20 days ago
Level 1

You can use Joomla menu or URL variable restriction to conditionally show title.

218 Posts
20 days ago
Level 2

Hi Klas, thanks but I can't understand: if "Show Title" = YES in the Joomla Global Configuration, the article title will be shown in all Seblod Form/Content views also if Article Title field is not added to the view, so there is no way of hiding it. The only way I found to not show the Article Title in a Content View is to set "Show Title" = NO globally in the site, but not per menu item.

The other option you mention is not to use Seblod menu items for views but native Joomla menu items, those do have the option to show/hide the title but it's missing the Seblod extra stuff :(

thanks a lot


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