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I understand
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8 months ago

I apologize in advance for a possibly stupid question. I tried to find the answer, but I couldn't.

So, there is a List@Search. In the table data is displayed. On one of the fields I "hung" link to go to Form. In the settings prescribed form name, and in" Custom Variables "prescribed:"ection_id=$cck->getValue('section_id')".

Everything works fine!


When you go to a page with a Form in the URL, a variable with a long text value is additionally formed? I see this URL:

It's a nightmare!

Thus, if we remove from URL"&return=........"and reload the page-nothing changes!

Alternatively, I added a variable "return" with an empty value in "Custom Variables", i.e. I wrote: "section_id=$cck->getValue ('ection_id')&return=""»

As a result, received when clicking on the link in the URL:

This, of course, perfectly, but can I something not understand?

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8 months ago
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I believe the return parameter is the (base64 encoded) current URL. It is stored in the $config and is used to redirect back after form submission (e.g. task Save & Close). If the parameter is not there, the form still works, but you won't get redirected back after the submission.



46 Posts
8 months ago
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This parameter is formed in the URL when you click on the link when displaying data in the List. When I remove this option nothing changes, everything works the same way.

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