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Since I posted this question in the standard forum without any answer I try it in the VIP forum (is it different ?)

Sometimes from a given content view we need to jump to another content (with another menu item as well).

This can be achieved with a search&list link (button 2) applied upon one field of the view tab. This field generally has to contain the ID of the destination content. The destination list is a search&list on that contains the destination content.

In the (+) configuration of the link plugin you need to set the menu item, list, and rename the field so that it matches the field required in the SEARCH tab of the destination list.

In the destination list configuration tab you have to set the auto redirection to 'content'.

This way you easily can jump from one content to another.

However the SEF url that is generated in this link does NOT follow the SEeblod SEF global configuration (example: /alias ) but /id !

Is it a new tricky behaviour of the Joomla router ? how can we force it ?

This is a real problem since it gives a new url (mymenu/id) to an existing content (mymenu/alias) so it is a DUPLICATE CONTENT 

I also tried passing the alias instead of the ID but the destination url (on the destination content view) is still /id

If we deactivate the SEF settings we can see the autoredirected URL has a "id=x" instead of "id=x:alias" parameter. May be the problem could be solved if Seblod would add the alias in this automatic url generation ?

Can someone from the Seblod team explain this strange behaviour please ?

thanks for your help.


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