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8 years ago

Hello, Octopoos -

I downloaded and installed the Feedback App according to the instructions here. The front-end looks and works fine, but the backend Feedback Manager doesn't look anything like the screenshot you included in the app description. What have I done wrong?

Your example includes columns for Feedback, Topic Area, Date, Status, Edit, Delete with buttons in the Status, Edit and Delete columns.

My installed app includes columns for Title, Access, Author, Date, Language, Hits, ID with no buttons at all. Actually, mine looks like the default articles list. 

The instructions for installing the app may be over simplified:

1) Install from Extension Manager

2) Create a Menu Module

3) Create an Admin Menu Module (I didn't even know there was such a thing before installing this.)

Maybe there is more configuration to the SEBLOD Admin Menu than the app's installation instructions suggest?

Because the app examples are presumably meant to be learning tools for SEBLOD users, if there is more configuration beyond these 3 simple steps, it would be helpful if the instructions were a little more detailed. The people who will get the most value from the apps are the people who know the least about SEBLOD. Just a thought.


Get a Book for SEBLOD

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