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Pet Guardian
5 years ago

I just installed Seblod and am trying to look at the apps to get an idea of what I can do, but I can't access some of them from the front end and I get the same error message for all the items that don't work on the front end.  For example, when I try to access the Item Manager that belongs to the Intranet App from the front end (along with other apps, such as the Background Manager) I get the error 

0 DateTime::__construct(): Failed to parse time string (10000-01-01 07:59:59) at position 12 (0): Double time specification

How do I fix this so I can look at the apps on the front-end of the site?

Update - I think I solved the problem for the Item Manager, but not for the Background manager or the Place Manager.  However, I'm not sure which action made the Item Manager work.  First I went to the joomla database via phpmyAdmin and added dates to the Seblod categories that did not have dates.  Next I reinstalled the minima template because the background manager and the item manger have this template listed as their template.  Now the Item Manager works, but the Background Manager and the Place Manager still produce the error listed above when I try to access them from the front end.  

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