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I understand
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5 years ago

Hi there!

I'm working on a variation of the places app, with a radius search.  Is it possible to build the app so that the table can be updated from an external source.  The master table of data will be managed outside of the website.  On a periodic basis the table will be need to be overwritten with an update from the master source.  I see mention that seblod can create new content types but I don't see any documentation or tutorials on this.

Also, the table has addresses in it but not lat/lon values.  Do the lat/lon values on the place app get created when a place is added using places mgr?  Is it possible to import data into the places app that does not already have lat/lon values?

Thanks, I really appreciate your time answering my questions so I can know if seblod is the right tool for this project.

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