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I understand
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4 years ago


i was trying out multisite setup. But i can't get it to work.

I created sites with seblod and created subdomains on my domainname. I also created menu-items and articles with the access set to 'subdomain-name Guests'.

When i go to i'm being forwarded to and see the 'normal' homepage not the one for

Also the url-bar shows instead of the subdomain.

In the documentation

it says at the end.

In order to complete the setup of the site you should create a redirection of the main url (domain or sub-domain) to the root of your current Jooomla website, thanks to the configuration panel of your server/hosting.

Maybe thats what is not being clear. I first tried setting up through cpanel a redirection to (thats where the main website is, or the joomla-installation).

Then there is also a document root that when you vreate a subdomain will be public_html/subdomain-name

Do you need to change that one to public_html maybe?

Anyway. I never see the homepage for the subdomain nor see i the subdomain in the url.

Is there another step by step tutorial or video or has someone any idea what could go wrong?

Thanks a lot,


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